• Würzburg, Germany


The growing interest in RFID technology in recent years has sparked an intensive debate on the benefits to be expected. With the growth of RFID implementations in size and scope comes a shift away from infrastructural aspects to the question of how to draw value from the large amounts of collected data. However, the necessary procedures for the handling of massive RFID data sets are still an under-researched issue. Against this background, the objective of the SERAMIS project is to push the boundaries of current RFID implementations, thus turning them into powerful tools for intelligent information management.

For this purpose, SERAMIS aims at covering the entire causal chain from the initial investment in an RFID data collection infrastructure to the impact of data processing on firm performance. Our research scope encompasses the development of models and methods for raw data cleansing, the extraction of business-relevant information, and the opportunities for innovating business processes on that basis. In addition, we put special emphasis on the analysis of privacy issues arising from RFID data. The project results will be evaluated in the context of real-world trials conducted by two leading European fashion retailers and innovators in RFID usage, who have agreed to provide the project with data gathered in productive environments.