• Würzburg, Germany


The project results are put into practice by two leading European fashion retailers and innovators in RFID usage. The expected impact of SERAMIS becomes visible on several socio-economic levels ranging from individual business processes to the societal challenges associated with automatic identification technologies. On the one hand, RFID data may become a source of increased efficiency and service quality, not only on (fashion) retail, but also in other industries and non-profit organisations. On the other hand, the fear from an omnipresent surveillance technology on the part of consumers and citizens requires answers as regards the limits and the responsible utilization of the collected data. The purpose of SERAMIS is to get the balance right between these two poles by putting the emphasis of its S/T research activities on the creation of business value for technology users while developing clear and proven guidelines for the protection of data and personal privacy. The project outcomes are developed for the largest reuse possible and address the needs of players in the retail industry and beyond.