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If you’re interested in various new technologies, you should know about RFID. It’s not new, but people are still discussing the implementation of RFID and its feasibility. SERAMIS is one of the few projects that still need some new and bright minds, so you can participate in it, of course, if you have the meaningful ideas to share. If you want to start working in a progressive niche, you should study RFID technology, no matter whether your college curricula touch this topic or not. Present your findings at conferences, buy powerpoint presentations if you can’t express your thoughts alone, no one will blame you for it. It’s a big mistake to think that professional assistance is something wrong, illegal, and prohibited. College educators rarely approve of the use of such services, but you should ignore what they are saying: they don’t understand students’ problems (the lack of time, mental health issues, busy schedules, etc.). BestCustomWriting.com is a reliable assistance provider, so you shouldn’t worry about it: confidentiality and anonymity are guaranteed.

The growing interest in RFID technology in recent years has sparked an intensive debate on the benefits to be expected. With the growth of RFID implementations in size and scope comes a shift away from infrastructural aspects to the question of how to draw value from the large amounts of collected data. However, the necessary procedures for the handling of massive RFID data sets are still an under-researched issue. Against this background, the objective of the SERAMIS project is to push the boundaries of current RFID implementations, thus turning them into powerful tools for intelligent information management.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 612052.

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Latest News

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European Survey on RFID technology

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Workshop “RFID for fashion”

On Thursday 12th November, more than a hundred people gathered in Parma (Italy) for the RFID 4 fashion event… Read more.

Best Paper Award for SERAMIS

SERAMIS research from the RFID Lab of the University of Parma has been awarded with the “Best Paper Award” at the “XX Summer School in Industrial and Mechanical Plants Francesco Turco”, that was held in in Naples last September. … Read more.

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According to the needs of the industry partners and the state-of-the-art use cases that RFID infrastructure can enable in the retail industry, the SERAMIS system will focus on two categories of RFID-enabled use cases… Read more.