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, Ohio, is the 41-story Rhodes State Office Tower, which rises 629 feet (192 m) and was completed in 1973. The structure is the fifth-tallest completed building in the state, and is also Ohio's tallest building that rises in the center of a city block. Free Redtube Porn Videos - Redtube XXX Movies - Redtube porno Escort Milano: 243 Annunci - Video e Foto Reali - Donna cerca Uomo The city's second-tallest structure is the LeVeque Tower; this 1927 Art Deco. Wikipedia w k p i d i / / w k i p i d i / WIK-ih-PEE-dee-) is a multilingual online encyclopedia with exclusively free content and no ads (though donations are accepted based on open collaboration through. Annunci di relazione serie alla ricerca del partner ideale. Commenti Off on Annunci sex roma incontri trans bari. bakeca incontri mn escort girl milano


Shes a freak - (Alyssa Branch, Ella Milano, Layla Rose) - Bedtime Dirty Stories - Mofos. The Wikipedia's open structure makes it a target for trolls and vandals who malevolently add incorrect information to articles, get other people tied up in endless discussions, and generally do everything to draw attention to themselves. Journal on Telecommunications and High Technology Law. "Wikipedia rejects child porn accusation". Viégas ; Martin. 83 This incident led to policy changes at Wikipedia, specifically targeted at tightening up the verifiability of biographical articles of living people. 335 In 2010, comedian Daniel Tosh encouraged viewers of his show, Tosh.0, to visit the show's Wikipedia article and edit it at will.

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322 Wikipedia was also nominated for a "Best Practices" Webby award. 16 Bloomberg Businessweek reported in July 2014 that Google's Android mobile apps have dominated the largest share of global smartphone shipments for 2013 with.6 of market share over their next closest competitor in iOS with.2 of the market. Starting in January 2002 (Phase II Wikipedia began running on a PHP wiki engine with a MySQL database; this software was custom-made for Wikipedia by Magnus Manske. Taylor, Chris (May 29, 2005). He wrote in a message to the Wikimedia Foundation mailing-list that this action was "in the interest of encouraging this discussion to be about real philosophical/content issues, rather than be about me and how quickly I acted". "Boot up: The Wikipedia vandalism police, Apple analysts, and more". Cowen, Tyler (March 14, 2008). "Website discussing the emulator of the Domesday Project User Interface". Legal Education Review: 8398. 299 Cultural significance Main article: Wikipedia in culture Wikipedia's content has also been used in academic studies, books, conferences, and court cases. Retrieved July 2, 2014. "Wikipedia May Be a Font of Facts, but It's a Desert for Photos". His ability to convey a profound message in a handful of words." By contrast, he gives an example of Wikipedia's prose that he finds "both verbose and dull". Retrieved November 17, 2012. Though it can trace its history as bakeca incontri mn escort girl milano far back as 1876, when it was known as the Workingmen's Party, no less an authority than Wikipedia pronounces it "moribund". Wikipedia and the Future of the Past. "Wikimedia Mobile is Officially Launched". A b Orlowski, Andrew (December 16, 2005). Perry Cox reacts to a patient who says that a Wikipedia article indicates that the raw food diet reverses the effects of bone cancer by retorting that the same editor who wrote that article also wrote the Battlestar Galactica episode guide. Emily Flake (August 23, 2013). 202 It may more specifically follow the biases of Internet culture, inclining to being young, male, English-speaking, educated, technologically aware, and wealthy enough to spare time for editing.; English Wikipedia) receives approximately 57 of Wikipedia's cumulative traffic, with the remaining split among the other languages (Russian: 9; Chinese: 6; Japanese: 6; Spanish: 5). 93 All opinions and viewpoints, if attributable to external sources, must enjoy an appropriate share of coverage within an article. Archived from the original on October 29, 2006. According to a study by Pnina Shachaf in the Journal of Documentation, the quality of the Wikipedia reference desk is comparable to a standard library reference desk, with an accuracy of 55 percent. "8 East Broad Street". Otherwise, there were relatively few rules initially and Wikipedia operated independently of Nupedia. Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI). 81 82 However, some vandalism takes much longer to repair.

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